Underground Piping 
Fire Protection Water Distribution Systems
Can a plumber install my underground?

Yes and No...

In Mississippi, yes, but in most states No.  This is for good reason.  The underground fire water supply system is critically linked to the fire protection systems inside the building.  By separating the systems there are often significant and costly gaps that occur due to the disconnect.  Pipe type and sizes, hydrant locations, tapping sizes, control valves, test headers, backflow preventers and fire department connection locations must be designed with the whole needs of the facility in mind.

 Underground pipe and fittings ready to be installed.

  1. Water system lead-in
    Water system lead-in
    Installing an underground PVC water main
  2. Ditch Crossings
    Ditch Crossings
    Ditch Crossing at a fire protection loop for a manufacturing facility
  3. Ductile iron fittings
    Ductile iron fittings
    Ductile Iron 90 degree elbow
  4. Ready for the next piece
    Ready for the next piece
    An installer waiting on the next length of pipe
  5. Tapping sleeve
    Tapping sleeve
    Mechanical Joint tapping sleeve with tapping valve
  6. Ready for concrete
    Ready for concrete
    Ductile iron elbow with Mega-Lug retainer glands and tracer wire
  7. PVC Class 235 water main
    PVC Class 235 water main
    A view from the cockpit of the excavator
  8. Fire appertunances
    Fire appertunances
    PIV, FDC and the Fire Pump's test header
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