Fire Extinguishers
Inspection, Recharging, Repair & Replacement

Pull Pin . Aim at the base . Squeeze trigger . Sweep side to side

P.A.S.S. is the classic acronym that perfectly describes the proper usage of fire extinguishers and it's easy to remember once taught.  If you need fire extinguisher training for your workforce call us, we can help.  We will train your staff with classroom instruction and hands-on extinguishment.
What type of service do you need?

We can help with the following...

We provide monthly, annual and 6-year internal inspection services for all types of fire extinguishers.  
We can re-charge your portables for you when needed.  RE-charging a portable fire extinguisher is less expensive than replacement.
We can provide replacement of any brand of fire extinguisher.  Call today for free pricing.
Hydrostatic Testing:
Do you need to have your cylinders 12-year hydrostatically tested and certified?  Call us today we can help.
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