Foam Water Systems
Special Hazards Fire Protection
Do I need a foam system?

Foam systems are typically specified to protect flammable liquids fires.

Some common applications might be flammable liquids storage facilities, aircraft hangars, petrochemical or oil & gas refineries, loading racks, engine test facilities or machinery employing flammable processes.  Foam water fire protection systems provide a blanket of foam that provides a smothering and cooling effect over the fire.  Foam systems can be applied locally on a particular machine or totally flood an area such as an aircraft hangar.
Foam Water Fire Protection Systems
Low-Expansion, Mid-Expansion and High-Expansion Foam Systems
Foam Water systems come in a variety of flavors from low expansion foams to mid to high-expansion foams.  Foam water systems can be designed for a local application to protect specific assets or a total-flooding of an area such as a hangar bay.  There are a variety of foam discharge devices as well such as traditional sprinkler heads, air-aspirating nozzles, spray monitors and hose nozzles, foam chambers and foam generators.  Foam systems are great protection for flammable liquids hazards.
Foam System Video
High Expansion Foam System 
The video shows Ansul's Jet-Ex foam with foam generators in an NFPA 409 aircraft hangar activation test.  The foam is a great fire control agent for flammable liquids fires.  Foam systems can be installed in many occupancies where traditional water-only systems are not desirable as extinguishing agents.
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