Fire Pump Systems
Electric or Diesel Fire Pumps
What type of fire pump do I need?

There can be several determing factors...

The water and power supply at your site are the main factors.  Will your pump be drawing from a public water supply, a storage tank or a reservoir?  These variables all affect the pump choice.  Is the electrical supply reliable and inexpensive at your site?  If so, then an electric driven fire pump may be a more economical choice.  If power is an issue then maybe a diesel engine may suit your needs.  Other variables come into play such as the fire protection system's water demand.  Give us a call and let us help you choose the best fire pump system for your site.
  1. Horizontal Electric Fire Pumps
    Horizontal Electric Fire Pumps
    This pump has an automatic transfer switch which allows the motor to run off an emergency generator.
  2. Diesel Fire Pumps
    Diesel Fire Pumps
    This installation has two diesel fire pumps. One pump acts as the primary and the other one as a backup fire pump. A diesel fuel tank is in the room.
  3. Diesel Engine
    Diesel Engine
    Diesel fire pumps require more maintenance but they do not depend upon electrical power. Diesels are often chosen for systems where power is costly to deliver or unreliable.
  4. Electric Centrifugal Fire Pump
    Electric Centrifugal Fire Pump
    This installation required the fire pump draw from a ground storage water tank. The public water supply was not sufficient to meet anticipated fire system demands.
  5. Electric Driven Fire Pump
    Electric Driven Fire Pump
    This electric horizontal fire pump supplies fire sprinkler systems and a standpipe system in a dormitory. The water supply is the public water system.
  6. Pre-Fabricated Pump House
    Pre-Fabricated Pump House
    Fire pump manufacturers can also build and ship the entire pump house with all pipe, fittings, valves, pumps, controllers and everything for a complete installation. We unload the house off the truck, pipe all connections and turn it on.
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