Engineering Technicians
What will it take to design my system?

Design is a complex task involving code research, drafting, sprinkler spacing, piping layout and hydraulic calculations. 

The complexity of the building is a determining factor in designs.  Having AutoCAD drawing files gives us a good start and reduces a lot of drafting time.  We will compile architectural, structural and mechanical drawings along with water flow tests and code research. After those items are completed we are ready to begin design.  After shop drawings, details, hydraulic calculations and material schedules are completed and submitted and approved by the "Authorities Having Jurisdiction" we are ready for fabrication and installation.
  1. fire sprinkler design clashes - navisworks
    Clash Detection
    Our design platforms allow us to view clashes before they happen in the field.
  2. NICET level 3 fire sprinkler water based layout technicians
    NICET Certified
    Our designs are backed up by NICET Level 3 Certified Technicians.
  3. BIM Compliant
    BIM Compliant
    We utilize Autocad, AutoSprink and Navisworks to develop fully BIM compliant models.
NFPA Codes
Need help?
Codebooks are difficut to read and can be very confusing.  Call us for help.  We are familiar with Code and can help find your answer quickly.
Flow Test
Measuring pressures and flow.
We can come out and analyze the water supply available at your site.  Part of this work is conducting a hydrant water flow test. 
All of our designs are BIM ready right from the start.  We design all systems in 3D using Autosprink Software. This intelligent design platform allows us to coordinate in real space.
Our NICET certified designs offer the expertise you will need for code compliance as well as conformance to design drawings and specifications.
Sean Donegan
Design Technician
Put Sean to work and allow his attentiveness and dedication to come through.  Simply put, he is a caring person that will give his best, on your project.  
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