Testing and Inspection
Clean Agent / CO2

What are the testing and inspection requirements?

NFPA 2001 requires that each fire suppression system be visually inspected each year to verify that it appears to be in good operating condition and free of physical damage.  The system must undergo an annual actuation test to verify proper system operation.  Prior to the actuation test the system is partially dismantled to ensure that the test does not dump extinguishing agent.   Every 6 months the agent quantity is required to be verified.  This can be a simple observation of a gauge or if a gauge is not present then the cylinders are removed and weighed.  Electronic interfaces such as water flow and tamper switches, control panels and detection systems are required to be tested semi-annually.  Hose integrity is required to be hydrostatically tested every 5 years.  Room integrity is required to be visually examined every 6 months.